Street Racing Discussed at Length During RS City Council Meeting

Street Racing Discussed at Length During RS City Council Meeting

In a long meeting Tuesday night, Rocket City Street Racing presented to council asking to move forward with their idea for legal street racing in the city limits of Rock Springs. Alan Zanetti and Tim Robinson both discussed in detail their plans would be to start with around 3 events for the year, held in the summer during a Saturday afternoon, to gauge response and participation.

Mr. Robinson, who is a Sergeant for the RSPD, mentioned that during his duties he has been observant, night and day, where the optimum location might be for a legal street race based on safety and also away from residential areas. The proposed area would be a length of road at the end of Stagecoach Dr. where they would set up an 1/8 mile straight track. The shorter track could mean lower top-end speeds that are seen on tracks that are long enough for vehicles to reach top speed.

Red highlighted area represents proposed location for the Rocket City Street Racing event.

Mr. Zanetti and Mr. Robinson tried to gain some idea of interest by having a form at Zanetti Prestige where they received over 1200 signatures in favor of the idea. They mentioned they are still in the beginning process of seeing how and if they can move forward, which is why they were in attendance tonight in front of council.

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“This is a passion for many people in this town.”

Alan Zanetti

Mr. Robinson said he wanted to see this be an RSPD-involved event for a few reasons. One, they could use it as a good PR tool in the community to create an outlet for legal street racing. He also mentioned that having RSPD involved helps in blocking off roads for safety. Mr. Zanetti discussed how the association would be set up in a “Top 10” style where members pay dues and it would be organized. Both representatives mentioned that any member caught racing illegally outside of the event would first be suspended and then removed upon a second infraction, therefore deterring illegal street racing for those who want to take this serious.

There were many questions from the Mayor and Council, as well as several audience members in attendance to show their support. The majority of speakers who got up in front of Council showed their support, but there was a handful of residents who voiced their opposition.

Resident Natalie Powell, who lives in the proposed race area, said she “strongly and vehemently opposed” the idea of legal street racing in that neighborhood. She explained that her and her children play at the park at the school close by and she worried about the safety and noise. She said she is not against the idea of racing, “it has a place, but not in residential areas.”

After more discussion, questions, and statements from both sides Councilman West proposed that he’d like to see more of the public involved and discussed with the Mayor of having a public hearing on the topic at the next meeting, Tuesday, March 5.