Strong Winds Cause Substantial Damage to Car Wash

Strong Winds Cause Substantial Damage to Car Wash

The Rocky Mountain Car Wash on Uinta Drive received substantial damage in the late-summer storm that swept the state early this week. Photo by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — During the late-summer storm that ripped through the state Monday night and Tuesday morning, communities were left with major damages to trees and properties.

Included among those properties damaged is the Rocky Mountain Car Wash located right off of Unita Drive in Green River.

Anyone who has driven along Uinta Drive has probably seen the large missing chunk of roofing on the car wash building, due to those 80+ mph winds that accompanied the storm.

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“We received quite a bit of damage. The roof is about halfway torn off,” Green River Rocky Mountain Car Wash Site Manager Josh Mace said. “The pieces that flew off did additional damage to some of our other equipment. The back doors for our self serve bays are completely destroyed.”

The pieces of the roofing could be found blown into the McDonald’s parking lot, and even all the way across the street to the Taco Bell and O’Reilly Auto Parts parking lots.

The cost of the damages is still unknown, according to Mace, and they are still waiting on estimates.

“We should be back to 100 percent within a couple of weeks,” he said.

The roofers are scheduled to start repairs next week, and the new doors for the self-serve bays are ordered and will be installed as soon as possible.

The good news is that Rocky Mountain Car Wash is able to continue operating despite the damages.

“We are 100 percent open still while we are doing repairs,” Mace said.

Though the wind-caused damages are an inconvenience to the business, customers can still wash their cars at the facility.