Sublette County Fire Officials Urge Caution This Fourth of July

Sublette County Fire Officials Urge Caution This Fourth of July

Sublette County officials are reminding residents and visitors that all fireworks are prohibited on the Fourth of July due to the high fire danger in the region.

PINEDALE — The Sublette County Board of County Commissioners and Sublette County Unified Fire would like to remind the public to be extremely careful with fires this summer, especially this upcoming weekend.

Over the Independence Day holiday, residents and visitors are reminded that all fireworks are illegal in Sublette County. The towns of Pinedale and Big Piney/Marbleton have professional firework displays planned to take place on July 4th at dusk.

The potential for fire activity has increased due to drought conditions, dry vegetation, hot temperatures, and windy conditions. 
The USFS Bridger-Teton National Forest has recently elevated the Fire Danger Rating System to ‘High’.  A high fire danger rating means fire can easily start and spread rapidly. Unattended campfires and brush fires are likely to escape and can become difficult to control. 

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Where campfires are allowed in established campground fire rings, fires should never be unattended and must be completely
extinguished. The charred remains of a campfire must be repeatedly doused with water and stirred for it to be completely extinguished.
Fire managers from the USFS, BLM, Wyoming State Forestry Division, and surrounding counties meet weekly to review several indicators such as the moisture content of grasses, shrubs, and trees; projected weather conditions including temperatures and possible wind events; the ability of fire to spread after ignition; and availability of firefighting resources across the county.

The threshold values of these indicators are increasing along with the risk of potential wildland fires.  As such, it is important that the public practices enhanced fire safety when outdoors.

Sublette County Unified Fire will have volunteer fire department personnel on site during the displays in case any ignitions occur from the sparks.  The Town of Pinedale’s firework display will occur at the ballfields on the hill by the medical clinic.  The towns of Big Piney/Marbleton joint fireworks display will occur at the Marbleton hill, just south of Obo’s.