Successful Collaboration Saves Injured Hunters in Sublette County Truck Rollover

Successful Collaboration Saves Injured Hunters in Sublette County Truck Rollover

In a display of teamwork and efficiency, multiple emergency service agencies in Sublette County came together to rescue an injured father and son who were involved in a truck rollover incident west of Big Piney. The incident unfolded during a hunting trip on BLM land, turning a leisurely pursuit into a life-threatening situation.

The ordeal began the previous evening when a father and his son were navigating the rugged terrain in their truck. Unfortunately, their vehicle tumbled off a steep hillside, ejecting both occupants and leaving them stranded in a densely wooded aspen grove. Their dire situation became even more complicated as they struggled to pinpoint their location.

Desperation set in, and it wasn’t until around 3 a.m. that the father managed to make a distress call for help. He reported that his son was injured and in need of medical assistance, but he had no idea of their precise whereabouts. Dispatch operators immediately sprang into action, utilizing technology to ping the father’s cell phone and obtain crucial coordinates that would guide the rescue efforts.

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What followed was a textbook example of coordination and dedication among various emergency response agencies. Sublette County Fire, Sublette County EMS, Sublette County Sheriff’s Office, Tip Top Search and Rescue, and Air Idaho converged on the scene, working together to save the injured juvenile.

One of the most challenging aspects of the rescue operation was the need to extract the injured party from the steep hillside where the truck had come to rest. To achieve this, first responders utilized Sublette County Fire’s capstan rope winch, executing a mechanical raise to transport the victim safely. It was an arduous task that required some time to complete.

Once the injured youth was successfully raised to the hilltop, the emergency responders wasted no time in moving him to a waiting helicopter, which would transport him to Idaho Falls for much-needed medical treatment.

As of the time of this article, the exact condition of the injured individual remains unknown. However, the entire community wishes him a swift and full recovery as he looks forward to returning to hunting in the beautiful wilderness of Sublette County.