Surf the Sand Dunes With a NEW Sandboard from Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism

Surf the Sand Dunes With a NEW Sandboard from Sweetwater County Travel & Tourism

New this summer!

Surf or sled the Killpecker Sand Dunes with your very own sandboard or sled, now available for purchase at the Explore Rock Springs & Green River Visitor Center located at 1641 Elk Street in Rock Springs.

Surf the Dunes for a bucket-list experience at one of the world’s largest active sand dunes.

The boards are similar to snowboards, with two foot holds and curved edges, while the sleds are like winter downhill sleds. Surfing the dunes is a great way to experience the dunes and the unique landscape without an ATV.

  • Sandboards and sleds are available for $209 and include one board or sled, board wax, and a safety flag.
  • Helmets are also available for purchase for $42.

Both boards are fun for people of all ages. See for yourself why others around the country are raving about this new sport. Sandboarding may be considered an inherently dangerous activity. Purchasers are responsible for observing all safety guidelines in the use of the board and Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board is not responsible for any injury or damages incurred in the use of a sandboard.

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