SWCSD No. 1 Board gives staff approval to ask for bids on upgrades to Rock Springs High School swimming pool


ROCK SPRINGS – The Sweetwater County School District No. 1 Building and Grounds Department received approval from the board Monday night to go out to bid on upgrades for the swimming pool at Rock Springs High School.

Director of Buildings and Grounds Director Dan Selleroli explained to the board the Wyoming Department of Health made changes to the statutes addressing swimming pools which will go in effect in 2015. These changes will make the swimming pool at Rock Springs High School out of compliance.

Selleroli recently attended the school district’s recreation board meeting and spoke to them about the issues. Selleroli said the recreation board has set aside money for upgrades at the pool.

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The upgrades the district will go out to bid for include liner and new gutter system to meet the new health code standards, a new redesigned chlorination system, redesign of the fill station, heating system to be interconnected to a new area boiler and new pumps that will run the VFD’s energy savings.

At last months meeting the department made several requests to bid different projects. At that meeting, Selleroli explained the major maintenance dollars from the state could only be used a specific projects. Also at that meeting, he explained the SFC does annual inspections and rank projects a one, two or three based on the how critical these projects are to complete for safety reasons. If the district takes care of the state prioritized projects, which are projects ranked one and two, the SFC allows the district to spend 10 percent of the money on projects the district wants to do even if they do not meet the requirements of how the funds must be used.

Monday, Selleroli said swimming pools do not meet the requirements which can be funded by major maintenance money. Since the district has taken care of those priority projects, they can use 10 percent money for the swimming pool. While most of the money will come from the recreation board, items like the boiler could be covered with major maintenance money.

Board member Joyce Corcoran asked how much the cost of the upgrades would be and if it might make more sense for the district to build a new pool. Selleroli said the costs are approximately $650,000 and added the cost of a new pool would far exceed the money set aside by the recreation board.

Corcoran explained she has been contacted by several parents who expressed concerns students were not getting the same opportunities as other students around the state because of the size and shape of the pool.

Newly elected Green River Mayor and SWCSD No. 1 Transportation Director Pete Rust was asked to speak about the new facility in Green River. Rust said Green River was in a similar situation as Rock Springs is now and said the cost of the new facility in Green River was $9 million. Rust explained even with everything the new facility includes, they do not meet the qualifications to host the state meet. He said it would have cost another $4 million to $5 million dollars to meet the requirements.

Selleroli stressed what he is asking for will take care of the district’s immediate needs of the pool. He also added the district would have to move quickly on this. The plan is to have bids approved in February and start the project in April.

Since they will have to shut down that section of the school during the upgrades, Selleroli also asked permission to go out for bids on upgrades to the locker rooms as well. He said they are not ADA compliant and are old. Funding for the locker room upgrades will come from major maintenance dollars and recreation board funds. Selleroli stressed no money from the general fund will be used on either of these projects.

The board unanimously approved the requests.