Sweetwater County Birth Announcements for February 2024

Sweetwater County Birth Announcements for February 2024

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following birth announcements were sent to SweetwaterNOW by Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in February 2024.

Gabriel Dale Ventura, boy, was born January 26, 2024, to proud parents John Ventura and Brooke Dimick of Green River.

Caleb Henry Muñoz, boy, was born January 29, 2024, to proud parents Christeka and Emilio Muñoz of Rock Springs.

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Valeria Gonzalez Raymundo, girl, was born February 5, 2024, to proud parents Enrique Gonzales and Liliana Raymundo of Rock Springs.

Dariel Martinez, boy, was born February 6, 2024, to proud mother Nahomy Martinez of Rock Springs.

Zeo Ray Carrillo, boy, was born February 7, 2024, to proud parents Isabella Fredricks and Anthony Carrillo of Rock Springs.

Dreyson King Jackson, boy, was born February 8, 2024, to proud parents SaVanna Williams and Anthony Jackson of Rock Springs.

Kai Leo Van Valkenburg, boy, was born February 9, 2024, to proud parents Casey Core and Tristan Van Valkenburg of Green River.

Porter Isaac Walker, boy, was born February 10, 2024, to proud parents Stephen and Crystal Walker of Farson.

Royce McKay Clark, boy, was born February 12, 2024, to proud parents McKay and Kylee Clark of Rock Springs.

Congratulations to all the proud families!

Births are sponsored by Memorial Hospital Obstetrics & Women’s health. You can submit your own birth announcement here.

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