Sweetwater County Birth Announcements for January 2024

Sweetwater County Birth Announcements for January 2024

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following birth announcements were sent to SweetwaterNOW by Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in January 2024.

Evelynn Palmer Fernandez, girl, was born January 2, 2024, to proud parents Isabella and Kyle Fernandez of Rock Springs.

Kaizen Foster Stan Robinson, boy, was born January 4, 2024, to proud parents Karlee Bode and Ashton Robinson of Green River.

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Onyx Moon Hodder-Fife, boy, was born January 7, 2024, to proud parents Jesse Fife and James Hodder of Rock Springs.

Ezekiel William Saliz, boy, was born January 9, 2024, to proud parents Clark and Grace Saliz of Green River.

Ezra Skye Rogers, boy, was born January 10, 2024, to proud parents Joshua Rogers and Jerrelynn Cowett of Rock Springs.

Stockton Wayne Sims, boy, was born January 14, 2024, to proud parents Natashia Evans and Jeremy Sims of Rock Springs.

Lucy Ryan Cunningham, girl, was born January 16, 2024, to proud parents Tyler and Abby Cunningham of Rock Springs.

Gwen Narida Mahoney, girl, was born January 23, 2024, to proud parents Natacha and Robert Mahoney of Green River.

Reagan Kaye Andrew, girl, was born January 23, 2024, to proud parents Dwayne and Chelsey Andrew of Rock Springs.

Benjamin Lee Frank, boy, was born January 24, 2024, to proud parents Nate and Holly Frank of Rock Springs.

Wells Mckay Hautala, boy, was born January 25, 2024, to proud parents Lexie Spruell and Trevor Hautala of Rock Springs.

Congratulations to all the proud families!

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