Teddy Bear Hunts Fight Boredom, Show Community

Teddy Bear Hunts Fight Boredom, Show Community

If you have kids then you’ve probably exhausted your go-to list of entertainment options by now. – I feel your pain.

I’ve been through every craft supply, board game, book, puzzle- you name it!

Sometimes you just need to get the kiddos out of the house.

Which is why it’s so great to see the community getting creative and adapting to the Coronavirus COVID 19 crisis with special new forms of entertainment.

Teddy Bear Hunts

Teddy Bear Hunts are all the rage right now.

This new scavenger hunt-type adventure has become popular in light of the recent COVID 19 regulations, and it might just be safe outing you’re looking for.

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Families throughout Sweetwater County are placing teddy bears in their window for children to “hunt” or spot as they ride around town withe the goal of “collecting” as many bears as they can.

With the current social distancing guidelines in place this is a great way to get the kids out and have a bit of fun.


While the teddy bear hunts are fun, they’re more than that.

Each stuffed animal you spot is also a symbol of solidarity saying, “We’ll Get Through This Together.”

Some children have reported seeing over 70 bears in a single hunt. –That’s a great show of community.

We’re all adapting to change right now, children and adults alike. So, put a stuffed bear or two out and remember:

Even if they’re bored, they’re safe. Even if things are feeling off, they’ll be better soon.

We’re a strong community and we’ll get through this together. (Even better if we can have a little fun in the process, right?)


**Although you’re encouraged to “Bear Hunt” whenever you’d like, some organizations are designating town-wide hunts to maximize participation. Little Lambs Preschool has organized one for this Friday, April 3rd.