Three Local Graduates Awarded Memorial Hospital Scholarships

Three Local Graduates Awarded Memorial Hospital Scholarships

Three recent graduates were awarded scholarships this week by Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Three Sweetwater County high school graduates were announced as the recipients of the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County scholarships at the hospital board meeting this week.

Hanna Crockett, Aundra Drinkle and Favour Wanjoku all received scholarships this year from MHSC. All three young women plan to pursue an education and career in the health professional field.

Two of the scholarships were awarded by the MHSC General Medical staff. Crockett, a Rock Springs High School student, and Drinkle, a Green River High School student, each received a scholarship for $3,000. The hospital contributes $1,500 and the medical staff contributes $1,500 to each scholarship.

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Wanjoku received a $1,500 scholarship from Sweetwater Memorial. The hospital, through its marketing department and a committee of four hospital department directors, awards the scholarship annually to an RSHS Health Academy student.

Hanna Crockett

Hanna Crockett plans to attend the University of Wyoming and begin working toward a career in physical therapy. The 18-year-old is the daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Crockett of Rock Springs.

“I am interested in healthcare, not only because I find it fascinating, but because I have seen firsthand how much it can help others,” she said in her scholarship application essay. “When I was injured as an athlete, my physical therapist was able to build my body to better than it was before my injury, and she helped me to regain the capabilities in sports that I thought I had permanently lost.”

“Now, I feel that the best way for me to give back to my community will be through practicing physical therapy,” Crocket added.

Aundra Drinkle

Aundra Drinkle plans to attend Western Wyoming Community College and pursue a career in nursing. Drinkle, 17, is the daughter of Krista Buschelman and Dreux Smith of Green River.

“I have always had a small interest in the medical field,” she said in her scholarship application essay. “However, it truly sparked when personal events started taking place.”

“When I was 16, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. As I sat there and watched her suffer mentally and physically, I realized that all I wanted to do with my life was help other people medically. …I realized that a nursing position was right for me,” she added.

At her mom’s side, Drinkle said she witnessed how the nurses at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County were “kind, respectful and caring.”

“Seeing how happy they made my mom is something I want to experience for myself. All I want to do is help people,” Drinkle said.

Favour Wanjoku

Favour Wanjoku plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she will pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science. She then plans to enroll in an occupational therapy program.

She hopes to pursue a doctorate in occupational therapy. Ranking third in her class, the 17-year-old is the daughter of Boniface and Mercy Wanjoku of Rock Springs

“My interest in healthcare stems from many places,” she said in her scholarship application essay. “As a young girl from Nigeria, I remember many of my relatives dying within days of having common cold symptoms. …When I was 2, I lost my twin brother due to malaria.”

“My mom is a CNA and has worked in many nursing homes around the community. I see how hard she works, and the effort and countless hours she puts into her work. It inspires me. She’s so giving, caring and nurturing. I think the health field needs more people like that,” Wanjoku said.