Volunteers Needed to Serve on Sublette Mule Deer Migration Corridor Working Group

Volunteers Needed to Serve on  Sublette Mule Deer Migration Corridor Working Group

CHEYENNE – Governor Mark Gordon, in consultation with county commissioners, is now accepting applications to serve on the Sublette Mule Deer Migration Corridor Local Area Working Group. In early 2020, Governor Mark Gordon signed Migration Corridor Executive Order 2020-1.

The Order supports conservation of mule deer and pronghorn, protects landowner rights and accommodates multiple-use opportunities. The Executive Order designated three corridors and the Sublette Corridor Working Group is the final group to convene to discuss existing designated corridors under the process outlined by EO 2020-1. 

The Sublette Local Area Working Group follows the completed processes for the Platte Valley  and Baggs Mule Deer Migration Corridors. Members will review the effectiveness of corridor designation on the migratory mule deer herd, discuss risks and threats to the functionality of the corridor, make recommendations about additional conservation opportunities and evaluate corridor designation effects on the local economy. 

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“I look forward to a collaborative and productive process for the Sublette Corridor,” Governor Gordon said. “Last but not least, the Sublette corridor is a high-profile corridor and the Working Group will need to make recommendations that balance a wide range of multiple uses on the landscape. The local perspectives that each group member will bring to the table is a crucial part of the process. I urge people from the Sublette Corridor area who are interested in serving to apply.” 

The Sublette Local Working Group will meet several times in person with a goal of completing the process by September 2021. The meetings will be facilitated by the Governor’s Office to make recommendations about additional opportunities for conservation, as well as to examine the impacts of any restrictions on development and use of lands encompassed in the designated corridor.

To serve on the working group, apply online via this form. The application period closes July 26th. The full text of the Executive Order can be found on the Governor’s website here.