Wendling Takes Over as County Commission Chairman

Wendling Takes Over as County Commission Chairman

SWEETWATER COUNTY– The Sweetwater County Board of Commissioners elected its chairman at Tuesday’s meeting, in which they voted 4-1 for Randy Wendling to take over the position.

Chairman was previously held by Wally Johnson.

Of the five commissioners, Johnson and Wendling were the only two who offered to be chairman.

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Johnson said in the past, the commission has often treated the chairman position as a two-year term. With projects in the works, such as the 6th penny tax, he said he believes it is in the county’s best interest to have consistent leadership.

“It should be a two-year term. I’m willing to serve for another year, I would like to serve for another year,” Johnson said.

Wendling said he was willing to do whatever the commission wanted, whether it be to serve as chairman or not.

“I will support the commission in whatever they want done in terms of leadership for this commission,” Wendling said.

He said he was interested in the position but also understood Johnson’s reasoning for a two-year term.

Commissioners Roy Lloyd and Lauren Schoenfeld emphasized that the commission needs to continue to work as five no matter who the chairman is.

Commissioner Jeff Smith moved for Johnson to retain his position as chairman, but the motion died due to no second.

Commissioner Lloyd moved for Wendling to take over in the chairman position, which was seconded by Schoenfeld. They voted 4-1 to approve the motion, Johnson being the only no vote.

“I respectfully say no because I don’t think it’s in the county’s best interest at this time,” Johnson said.

The remainder of the meeting was conducted by Wendling as new chairman.