This Wyoming Business Has the Skills and Equipment to Handle Any Weld Job Out There

This Wyoming Business Has the Skills and Equipment to Handle Any Weld Job Out There

Unique and diverse in their trade, the crew at Wyoming Machinery Company accept any welding challenge and are dedicated to maximizing your up-time and minimizing your overall operating costs.

With over 205 years of combined working experience, each of Wyoming Machinery Company’s Weld Shop Technicians is AWSD1.1 certified and meet Caterpillar’s highest standards.

They are fully equipped to take in orders at your schedule’s demand, allowing you to get your repairs done when you need them done to keep you on schedule.

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Wyoming Machinery Company’s Weld Shop capabilities include:

  • New fabrication and assembly
  • Major and minor weld repair work
  • Re-grouser track shoeing
  • Main frame welding and reconditioning of bores
  • Moldboard reconditioning
  • Circle reconditioning
  • Dozer refacing
  • Bore reconditioning
  • Jorunal reconditioning
  • Swing frame reconditioning
  • Automated application of Abrasion Resistant Material (ARM)
  • Minor cosmetic work
  • Custom weld work
  • CNC Plasma/ Oxy fuel cutting table
  • In-house Drafting, G/M- code and CMI services.
  • Steel, cast, aluminum and stainless.

Don’t have time to bring your repairs to their Weld Shop? No problem.

With their three state-of-the-art Field Welding and Machining Service trucks and trailers, they’ll come to you.


Their Field Service Technicians are highly qualified and specially trained on all equipment aspects. These heavy duty service trucks are specially outfitted with cranes, cutting torches, welders, generators and air compressors.

No job is too big or too far for the Wyoming Machinery Company team. All of that equipment and training adds up to faster, more efficient service, shorter down times and lower overall repair costs for you.


Welding/Machining Service Trucks Equipment Features:

  • Single Arm Bearing Mounts and Full Mounts
  • 12’’ to 24’’ Boring Head Set
  • 19’’ Facing/Grooving Tool
  • 18’’ Adjustable Facing Head
  • Face Adjustable ID Bearing Mount 5.75’’ to 18.5’’ diameter
  • Bore Welder Interface Kit
  • Compact Facing Torch
  • Portable Mill
  • Diesel Powered Welder
  • Air Compressor
  • Crane
  • Cutting Torch / Plasma

Bringing your business into Wyoming Machinery Company means you are supporting Wyoming’s local business economy. Thank you for working with us.

Invested in Wyoming, Invested in YOU:


Reach out!

Casper, WY: 307-472-1000

Gillette, WY: 307-686-1500

Rock Springs, WY: 307-362-6500

Cheyenne, WY: 307-638-7900

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