PEP Grant Provides Hundreds of Rec Center Passes for Local Youth

PEP Grant Provides Hundreds of Rec Center Passes for Local Youth

ROCK SPRINGS — The city once again provided support to a program in Sweetwater County School District No. 1 which promotes student success and physical activity. The council approved giving 750 Recreation Center passes which will be given out to students.


PEP Grant Promotes Physical Activity

For three years, the SWCSD No. 1 Physical Education Department has received a PEP Grant through which the Rock Springs Family Recreational Center and Civic Center helped match the donation for daily Rec Center passes. These passes were given out to all the Physical Education teachers in our district and used as rewards and encouragement for students to be physically active outside of school.

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Together, we can work to impact our students on the importance of physical activity. Thank you again for your continued support in enhancing student achievement and performance.

-Kim Fouts, SWCSD No. 1 Physical Education Department Spokesperson


The Physical Education Department said one of their main goals of PE teachers is to encourage students to be physically active for sixty minutes every day and to use the community as the main resource to accomplish this.

Last year, Mayor Demshar and the Director of Parks and Recreation, Dave Lansang, met and approved for 1000 Rec Center passes to be given to students. This year, the department asked for 750 passes to distribute to all the elementary schools within our district.

These passes will be used throughout the rest of the school year from the time we receive them to December 2016. If the school district has passes left, they use them the following school year starting back up in September of 2016, during their fitness unit.