Black Butte Student Earns Trip to Governor’s Mansion

Black Butte Student Earns Trip to Governor’s Mansion

SWCSD No. 1 photo

ROCK SPRINGS – Black Butte High School continues to make its mark on throughout the state. One of the students which has been part of this movement was recognized at the recent Sweetwater County School District No. 1 Board meeting.

Desirea Larsen was honored Monday night for her work at the recent Wyoming High School Art Symposium. Her work garnered her a trip to the Governor’s mansion in July.

The 2016 Wyoming High School Art Symposium took place April 21-23 in Casper. This is the biggest art show of its kind, showcasing over 4000 pieces of student work from around the state.

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Each year, First Lady Carol Mead spends hours personally selecting between twenty and thirty pieces out of the 4000 plus on display. The First Lady’s Choice winners are awarded a certificate and ribbon and the winning artworks are transported to the Governor’s Mansion to be on display for a full year.

Black Butte High School student, Desirea Larsen was one of the students honored with a First Lady’s Choice award for her quilling piece entitled “Marie Laveau”. Quilling is a process of cutting thin strips of colored paper, curving, coiling, and spiraling them before gluing them on edge so that they stick out from the background page.

Desirea used hundreds of paper coils in her composition of a woman’s face in white and gray with a green Mardi Gras mask at the bottom. She will also be invited to a reception at the Governor’s Mansion in July.