BLM No Longer Gathering Wild Horses on Wyoming Checkerboard Lands

BLM No Longer Gathering Wild Horses on Wyoming Checkerboard Lands

WYOMING — In an Order and Judgment issued October 14th, 2016 the United States Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit concluded that the BLM did violate provisions of the Wild Horse Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act and the Federal Land Policy and Managment Act of 1976 in removing approximately 1,263 wild horses from sections of public and private land known as the checkerboard.

In a press release the BLM has announced that they will not be conducting a wild horse gather next week.

The following is the full text of their press release on the subject.

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ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo.— Today, the BLM announced it will not conduct the 2016 Checkerboard wild horse gather that was scheduled to begin next week.

The BLM had planned on gathering approximately 484 wild horses from checkerboard lands in the Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells Creek and Adobe Town Herd Management Areas (HMAs). At this time, the BLM will reanalyze its path forward to address wild horse populations on the mixed ownership lands in southern Wyoming.

“Though we are not moving forward with the gather as scheduled, our goal remains to have healthy horses on healthy rangelands,” says Field Manager Kimberlee Foster.

For further gather-specific information, please contact the BLM wild horse and burrow specialist at (307)352-0256.