Carbon County Republican Committee Votes to Censure Rep. Cheney

Carbon County Republican Committee Votes to Censure Rep. Cheney

United States Congresswoman Liz Cheney Facebook photo

CARBON COUNTY — Not only has the Carbon County Republican Party unanimously voted to formally censure Wyoming Congresswoman and House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY), but they have asked her to attend their next meeting.

According to the Carbon County Republican Committee’s post online, “The Carbon County Republican Party has unanimously voted to formally censure U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney.”

“Additionally, we have called for her to appear before the members of the body to explain her recent actions to the body, the State Republican Party membership, and the entirety of the concerned Wyoming electorate,” party chairman Joey Correnti IV said in a statement on that post.

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The two-page resolution to censure Rep. Cheney states she is Wyoming’s only U.S. House representative and she was elected “to represent the will, the values, and the state preferences of the people…”

The resolution claims “Rep. Cheney ignored and violated caucus rules by disclosing her intent to join the Democrat U.S. House of Representatives with no formal hearing held, no quantifiable evidence presented, no witnesses sworn to give testimony and no right to cross examine accusers provided; and Rep. Cheney ignored and violated caucus rules by disclosing her intent to join the Democrat Party’s proposed move to vote for impeachment to the media prior to having any evidence presented to the body…”

The resolution also stated, “the voters of Wyoming expressed their will, their values, and their stated preferences in re-electing President Donald J. Trump by a larger margin, and in greater numbers, than those who re-elected Representative Cheney.”

“Rep. Cheney has violated the trust of her voters, failed to faithfully represent a very large majority of motivated Wyoming voters, and neglected her duty to represent the party and the will of the people who elected her to represent them,” the party’s resolution stated.

So far, Congresswoman Cheney has publicly stood by her vote to impeach President Trump, however she has not made an official public statement on her website, twitter account, or Facebook page in regards to the censure.

Rep. Cheney has been mailed a copy of this resolution asking her to appear on Saturday, February 6, before the State Central Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party. This meeting will take place in Rawlins at the Jeffrey Memorial Community Center at 9 am.

Online Recall Petition

The censure isn’t the only way Wyomingites are showing their displeasure with Cheney’s vote. An online petition recently formed to recall Cheney is gaining speed.

The recall petition and the censure come after Cheney received backlash after voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

At first, the petition’s goal was 25,000 signatures, however after it surpassed its goal a new goal was set at 35,00. As of this afternoon, the petition had around 34,850 signatures and counting.

The message on the petition site is this “Liz Cheney does not speak for the people of Wyoming we have had enough of these swamp people this petition might not do much but maybe it will tell her we will not sit by and take it anymore.”

For now, Representative Cheney seems to be safe in her role. In Wyoming, there is no process for a member of Congress to be recalled. Cheney would be up for re-election in Wyoming, if she chooses to run, in 2022.