Commission votes 4-1 to supply $25,000 for Jamestown waterline

Commission votes 4-1 to supply $25,000 for Jamestown waterline

GREEN RIVER – The water line for Jamestown took another step forward as the Sweetwater County Commission approved a $25,000 request by a 4-1 vote. This money will be used to pay Sunrise Engineering for the work they have done getting the project construction ready.

Jamestown District Board Member Kael Jasperson approached the commission after Sunrise Engineering and board members had approached the commission two previous times asking for financial support.

Commissioner John Kolb told Jasperson he did not have huge issues with the project but had trouble with the fact a previous commission approved $200,000 for the project and it is still sitting there. The $200,000 was given to help the district finish roads for the project and Kolb questioned this specific fact.

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Jasperson said the money was given for infrasture needs, specifically to help finish roads involved with the project. Jasperson said this is where there are still some legal issues. He also explained to Kolb, they asked their legal council and were advised to leave the money alone until everything was settled. Commission legal counsel Cliff Boevers agreed, saying this money should sit until there is a resolution to the current litigation.

Kolb did have high praise for the project. He said the Jamestown District is further along with their plans than any other district they have recently spoken with that was asking for financial assistance.

The commission has seen problems with different districts and budgeted $45,000 to help the Clearview District and Jamestown. After Clearview came to them with a request, it would leave $15,000 in the line item. Chairman Wally Johnson said they would be able to give Jamestown $25,000 to help because Clearview has not used their money yet.

Johnson agreed with Kolb saying there are several districts out there that have severe problems and even if they have to make a budget amendment, this project needs to move forward as far along as it is.

Kolb said he supported the project but could only support the amount they had left in the budget line item which was $15,000. Kolb was the only vote against the request.

Several commissioners were very curious about why the city of Green River has not been part of this project. Johnson said this water line will benefit Green River and the expansion west “tremendously.” Green River has been exploring expanding towards the west which is the only way they really can go because they are landlocked.

The commission has explained there will only be one water line for this project and this would be the same line Green River would need to hook on to for infrastructure for the expansion.

“I really think Green River needs to get behind this,” Johnson said.

Commissioner Gary Bailiff asked what Green River’s hangup is on supporting this. Jasperson said to the best of his knowledge they are afraid if something did happen, the residents of Green River, who pay property tax, would end up paying the bill.