Computer Scam Costs GR Resident $5,000

Computer Scam Costs GR Resident $5,000

GREEN RIVER — On November 27th at 1:55 pm. Green River Police Department officers met with an individual, in reference to a report of a fraud.

The reporting party advised they received a phone call from an individual claiming to be with Microsoft.

The caller told the victim there are problems that may be affecting their computer.

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The reporting party gave the caller access to their computer and paid the caller for the service.

The caller later contacted the victim by phone, advised they overcharged them and needed their account number to deposit a refund.

The reporting party gave their account number to the caller, who later told the reporting party they accidentally put too much money into their account.

The victim was asked to and did purchase prepaid cards and contacted the caller with the information to get the overpaid refund back to the caller.

The reporting party reported a $5,000 loss.

The victim later contacted their bank regarding the incident and was advised someone unsuccessfully attempted to take money out of their account. Officers completed a report regarding the incident.