County Ambulance Service Contracts Extended Through June 2022

County Ambulance Service Contracts Extended Through June 2022

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to approve and extend the emergency medical and ambulance service contracts with Sweetwater Medics and Castle Rock Ambulance Service.

The contracts will go into effect on July 1 and will last for 12 months. Sweetwater Medics will receive a $77,623 monthly subsidy, which totals over $931,476 for the length of the contract. Castle Rock will receive a maximum amount of $235,000 for the year.

The subsidy for Sweetwater Medics is the same as last year’s contract, however, Castle Rock received about $348,000 last year. The total amount of county money going toward emergency ambulance services between July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 will be $1.17 million.

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In the mean time, the cities of Rock Springs and Green River are supposed to work with the county to try to figure out how the three entities can fund ambulance service longterm. There is an ambulance committee that has been working to find solutions to funding the service since the start of the year.

Back in December 2020, the Commission announced they were no longer going to be able to fund ambulance services without help from the cities. They were going to terminate the existing contracts at the end of March. However, the county decided to continue and extend the contracts as they work with the cities for longterm solutions.

Other Business

The Commission unanimously accepted the resignation of County Treasurer Robb Slaughter. Slaughter announced his resignation and retirement at the June 1 meeting. Meghan Jensen, Sweetwater County Chairman of the Democratic Party, sent the Commission a letter notifying them of the vacancy.

According to Jensen, a meeting of the central committee will be called, and at the meeting they will select three people to go before the Commission as nominations for the Treasurer position. That meeting will take place Friday, July 16. The Commission will then make its decision during the July 21 Commission meeting.

The Commission also unanimously approved a zone map amendment in Farson from Rural Residential (RR) to Retail Business (B). Scott and Juli Shinkle requested the zoning amendment for a 2.59 acre parcel of land they own at 631 Highway 28 in Farson.

Many know the property as the “dome house”. The Shinkles plan to open up a rock shop at the location for travelers to stop at.

The Sweetwater County Planning and Zoning Committee voted 3-0 to approve the zoning amendment. There will be on site parking available, however, to fit WYDOT requirements, the Shinkles will have to upgrade the existing access.