Eight Local Athletes Named to Super 25 Honors

Eight Local Athletes Named to Super 25 Honors

Photo Credit: Rick Hueckstaedt.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The 2018 Super 25, which features the best high school football players from the state, has been announced by the Casper Star-Tribune.

Players from around the state are carefully selected and compiled for the honors. Eight local players from Mountain View High School, Green River High School and Farson-Eden High School were among the selections.

The following selections include local athletes from nearby towns.

Super 25 First Team

Colby Rees, Mountain View High School

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Rees finished second overall in individual defensive statistics in 2A football. Rees recorded 151 tackles, 24 tackles for loss, 3 sacks and 3 fumble recoveries.

Super 25 Second Team

Briggin Bluemel, Mountain View High School

Bluemel ranked seventh in 2A individual defensive statistics. Blumel had 78 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 3 interceptions and 1 defensive touchdown.

Hunter Gross, Mountain View High School

Gross was another Mountain View defensive standout. Finishing fifth overall in 2A individual defensive statistics, Gross claimed 117 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and 8 sacks on the season.

Kimball Madsen, Mountain View High School

Madsen torched defenses all year long and finished second in all-purpose yards in 2A football. Madsen finished with 2,025 offensive yards and 14 touchdowns for Mountain View.

Clancy Gines, Farson-Eden High School

Gines proved to be one of the Pronghorns most reliable scorers throughout the year. Gines had 1,388 rushing yards and 29 touchdowns on 82 attempts.

Photo Credit: Rick Hueckstaedt

Super 25 Third Team

Anthony Mitchell, Green River High School

Mitchell was the Wolves leading defensive player. He topped the season off with 116 defensive points, 75 tackles and one tackle for loss.

Lain Mitchelson, Farson-Eden High School

Mitchelson had an outstanding season. The Senior posted 2,757 offensive yards and 28 touchdowns for the Pronghorns in 2018.

Braeden Walk, Mountain View High School

Walk was a valuable asset to the Buffaloes offense. Walk caught 22 receptions for 468 yards and 6 touchdowns.