Euthanized Racing Horses’ Toxicology Reports Are Normal

Euthanized Racing Horses’ Toxicology Reports Are Normal

ROCK SPRINGS — It’s been close to seven weeks since three horses were euthanized and three jockeys were injured during races at Sweetwater Downs and the horses’ toxicology results are finally in.

An investigation by the Wyoming Gaming Commission (WGC) took place after the accidents on August 23. During these accidents, two horses broke their backs and one suffered a dislocated shoulder. As part of that investigation, a toxicology report and blood tests were completed on each horse.

Mike Steinberg WGC special agent investigator, said the blood test results from the three euthanized horses returned this week and those results were normal. All three horses tested negative for performance enhancing drugs and all three horses also tested negative for performance retarding drugs, which are used to make a horse run slower.

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Steinberg said the blood samples were sent to an equine lab that is specialized in testing for racing horses.

The investigation into the horses’ deaths is now complete and the conclusion is all three accidents, while unfortunate, were “isolated incidents.”