Fair Board Discusses Gun Show Background Check Requirements


SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Fair Board discussed the upcoming ‘Up in Arms Gun Show’ after their most recent meeting.

With controversy in the air after recent mass shootings, the board reiterated that full background checks are required for both buyers and sellers.

The ‘Up in Arms Gun Show’ will take place at the Sweetwater Events Complex, and is scheduled for Mar. 9-11.

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The Gun Show is a regular activity at the Events Complex. Anyone purchasing a weapon at the Up in Arms Gun Show must undergo a thorough background check, Lloyd said following the board meeting.

He added that not only must gun purchasers have background information available, but the people selling the guns have to be properly registered.

Lloyd added that even if he himself wanted to purchase a gun at the Gun Show, he would be subject to the same background check requirement as anyone else.