Fire Prevention Week is here and the Rock Springs Fire Department is back in our Schools to Teach Kids How to be Safe

Willy, Kelly Mathis, Sparky The Firedog, Amy Warne and Cosmo Posed for a quick photo after a hard day of dancing, answering fire safety questions and hanging out with the kids of Overland Elementary

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Fire Department is dedicated to helping kids learn how to be safe by putting on entertaining and informative shows at elementary schools in Rock Springs as part of Fire Prevention Week, sponsored by the NFPA.

The shows are dedicated to teaching kids all about fire safety in a fun environment where kids can dance, cheer, and play all while learning about what to do in the event of a fire.

Firefighters Kelly Mathis and Amy Warne were joined by Antonius Colberto, an announcer for a fire themed game show, Sparky The Firedog, and the twin personalities of Willy and Cosmo, two silly muppet style characters who help facilitate the show. Even Chief Wamsley took the time to Participate in the event.

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Together they taught kids to Look for fire hazards, Listen for alarms, and Learn at least two ways out of every room. These skills are important in the event of a home fire but can apply to any fire situation.

The Fire Safety Gameshow event ended with a Fortnite themed dance-off between the two teams. Followed by a tour of an RSFD fire truck.

For more information about Fire Safety, and how you can be safer in a fire, please visit