Flack Friday: Houston’s True Colors, Honesty and Ketchup for Touchdowns

Flack Friday: Houston’s True Colors, Honesty and Ketchup for Touchdowns

Farson-Eden celebrates after winning the town's first state football championship. Photo Credit: Rick Hueckstaedt.

Drama has crept into the Warriors locker room.

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had an issue with each other this week which displayed itself on the court during a game and carried into the locker room afterwards. The beef between the two resulted in Green being suspended for one game after taking personal shots at Durant and using a derogatory term.

We don’t know what was said or exactly how much of an issue this could cause for the Warriors. We know Golden State’s decision to suspend Green obviously shows that they are team Durant.

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I do think that the relationship between the two is pretty much impossible to repair. With that said, a house divided cannot stand — or can it. Only time will tell.

LeBron and the Lakers seem to be getting better just like we thought they would. In theory, perhaps this dilemma between Draymond and Durant might open up the West and serve opportunities to a few other teams. It’s not far fetched to think the Lakers could make a championship run this season with the distraction and pride of the Warriors’ locker room.

Carmelo Ousted, Houston’s True Colors

Yesterday the Houston Rockets decided to part ways with 10-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony. He lasted 10 games for the Rockets and averaged 13.4 points per game.

This move by Houston only confirms what I’ve thought for the last couple of seasons: Houston is dysfunctional. There’s a reason why the Rockets haven’t been able to make it to the Finals. During the offseason they let Trevor Ariza go. Houston’s signing of 33-year-old Chris Paul, who is an outstanding player, was probably not worth that four-year $160 million deal. Oh, and not to mention that the Rockets currently have a losing record.

The window for a championship is short and I think that Houston has only made it shorter with some of the decisions they have made. The Carmelo experiment was weird and now leaves another stain on Houston’s reputation. Carmelo’s time in Houston taught and confirmed to me that the Rockets are dysfunctional.

Where Brayden Was Right, Where Brayden Was Wrong

I think an important aspect of life is being honest and accepting responsibility for choices and actions. That’s how improvement and progression happen. For the purposes of this section of my column, I’ll admit where I was right and where I was wrong.

Earlier in the high school football season I made my predictions in two different columns (here and here). Out of the five championship games last week in Laramie, I predicted two champions which pulled through. Both Natrona (4A) and Farson-Eden (6-Man) were correct predictions of mine. I will also note that I had Cokeville winning the 1A championship. Cokeville made it to the big game but lost.

Along with my Cokeville pick, I was wrong on my predictions concerning 3A and 2A football. Star Valley came away with the 3A championship and Buffalo took the 2A title.

Overall I went 2-3 on my state football champions this year. Feel free to take me to Vegas.

Ketchup For Life

I don’t know about you, but I’m not much of a ketchup lover. I cringe at the sight of ketchup on eggs. How is that even a thing?

Regardless of my ketchup disapproval, Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is a ketchup conevesaur. Recently his mother ordered ketchup for him at a restaurant. Mahomes then lathered his steak with ketchup — a bold strategy if you ask me.

Heinz Ketchup took action quickly after learning about Mahomes’ passion for the sugary substance. Heinz took to Twitter and offered the 23-year-old MVP candidate free ketchup for life if he can toss 57 touchdowns by the end of the season. Currently Mahomes has 31 passing touchdowns and two rushing through 10 weeks of the season.

Whether you like ketchup or not, this is a smart tactic by Heinz who had a rough 2017 in terms of sales. By the way, it’s fry sauce, not “Mayochup.”

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