FREE Financial Education Classes Offered by YWCA

FREE Financial Education Classes Offered by YWCA

YWCA’s Financial Empowerment Program provides individuals, groups and businesses with basic money management skills through their FREE financial education classes. These classes give individuals the tools to help them be financially successful and stable.

Contact Melinda at 307-352-6635 or for more information.

Having money is all about making choices. Unfortunately, too many Americans are making poor choices when managing their money. In 2001, almost one in five Americans (ages 18-24) declared bankruptcy. Debt is one of the biggest issues in our country. In 2007, American family debt was only one-fifth of the average household income. By 2013, the level of debt increased to half of household income. Sadly, only 49 percent of individuals say they are saving enough for retirement.

YWCA wants to help individuals in Sweetwater County become financially successful and stable by offering FREE financial education classes to individuals, groups or businesses.

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Basic classes and topics include:

  • Developing a budget
  • The difference between “needs vs wants”
  • Why saving is important
  • Dealing with debts
  • Building up an emergency savings fund


Advanced classes and topics include:

  • Understanding your W-4 and your taxes
  • Planning for retirement early
  • Opening a bank account
  • Saving for a house or car
  • Understanding credit reports
  • Getting enough insurance


Individual or group classes can be designed to suit your financial literacy needs. Classes are FREE of charge and funded in part by United Way of Southwest Wyoming and the Community Services Block Grant.

For more information, contact Melinda by calling 307-352-6635 or 307-872-3253 or emailing


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