GR Council to Consider Releasing Funds for Completed Subdivision Improvements

GR Council to Consider Releasing Funds for Completed Subdivision Improvements

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council will consider releasing a portion of a Standby Letter of Credit in the amount of $473,183 for completed improvements within the Seneshale Addition, which is a re-subdivision of Tracts B & C of the Lincoln School Addition.

The Green River City Council will meet Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 7 p.m. at Green River City Hall. The meeting can be attended in person or viewed on YouTube.

The request is being made by Joe Seneshale’s engineer, as a portion of the improvements within the Seneshale Addition have been completed and inspected by the Development Services Department. According to the meeting documents, this is in accordance with the Subdivision Ordinance and the approved Subdivision Improvement Agreement for this subdivision.

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“At any time after the satisfactory completion of construction of all or any public improvements, their final inspection and approval by the city engineer, the subdivider may request release of the corresponding portion of the subdivision guarantee, provided that at no time shall the guarantee be reduced to less than 25% of the original amount,” the meeting documents state.

The amount of $473,183 corresponds with the estimated value of the work items so far completed. In accordance with the Subdivision Improvement Agreement, the release of this portion does not grant city ownership and maintenance of the improvements at this time. 

This release of a portion of the standby letter of credit does not have any financial impact on the city.

Mayor Pete Rust will also proclaim October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month in Green River during the council meeting. Additionally, November 1 will be proclaimed as Extra Mile Day, which encourages residents and organizations to “go the extra mile” in personal effort, volunteerism and service.

To view the full meeting agenda, click here.