Green River City Council to Consider Approving the Dissolution of the Communities Protecting the Green

Green River City Council to Consider Approving the Dissolution of the Communities Protecting the Green

GREEN RIVER — During the Green River City Council meeting, the Council will consider the dissolution of the Communities Protecting the Green Committee and the formation of the Sweetwater County Water Users Coalition.

The Council will meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at city hall.

For years, Communities Protecting the Green has been keeping a watchful eye on the Green River, ensuring no water is diverted to any other states. During the last Sweetwater County Commission meeting, Chairman Randy Wendling said the primary reason for the creation of the committee was to take legal action if water ever was to be diverted from the Green River.

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However, Wendling said recent recommendations argued against putting money into a committee for injunction purposes, as there are several private conservation groups that will file injunctions if water is ever diverted.

Therefore, the Communities Protecting the Green is being dissolved and replaced by the Sweetwater County Water Users Coalition. The purpose of the committee will be refocused from filing injunctions to the following purposes:

  1. Advise and consult with the parties hereto concerning water matters.
  2. Represent the interests of all Sweetwater County water users and all uses of surface waters of the Green River Basin within the geographic boundaries of Sweetwater County.
  3. Encourage the optimal utilization of water resources to promote responsible community and economic development that is in balance with the environment.
  4. Act as “Sponsor” for State and/or Federal Programs to obtain funding for studies, programs and/or projects.
  5. Promote the use of water in an economical and environmentally responsible manner for industrial, mineral, agricultural, and recreational purposes.
  6. Help ensure that water resources are managed, developed, and maintained for the enjoyment and beneficial use of current and future generations of Sweetwater County and its communities.
  7. Work with the State of Wyoming to protect its Colorado River water rights for the benefit of Sweetwater County and the rest of Wyoming within the requirements of the Colorado Basin Compact and the Upper Basin Compact.
  8. Educate the residents of Sweetwater County on issues related to the Green River and Colorado River Basins.

The Council will also consider the appointment of Jason Palmer Green River member of the coalition, and Bryan Seppie and Richard Mathey as the County at large members. Randy Wendling was already approved by the Sweetwater County Commission to represent Sweetwater County, and the Rock Springs City Council will consider approval of Eddie Baker as their city representative.

Other Business

During the presentations portion of the Council meeting, Representative Mark Baker, R-Green River, will give an update on the Wyoming general legislative session.

The Council will also make several proclamations including for Arbor Day, Building Safety Month, Green River Clean Up Day, National Police Week, and Older Americans Month.

To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here.