Green River Emphasizes Spending Within Their Means in Fiscal Year 2021

Green River Emphasizes Spending Within Their Means in Fiscal Year 2021

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council met Tuesday, May 26, for a fiscal year 2021 budget workshop in which City Administrator, Reed Clevenger, ran through the work and adjustments that have been made to the projected budget through finance committee meetings.

Despite a gradual upward trend over the past two years in the city’s sales revenue collections, the COVID-19 Coronavirus has caused for economic concern as sales tax revenue has significantly decreased the last couple months.

To balance the budget this year, the city cut $4.1 million out of their $4.5 million in budget requests. Additionally, they cut 12 percent out of their monthly sales tax projections with the knowledge that the turnaround will take a few months.

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Clevenger said the city will be looking at sales tax revenues quarterly to see if they can add any projects back into the budget later on with budget amendments.

According to Clevenger, he and other city employees have spoken with other municipalities to see how they are doing their budgets, and Green River seems to be in a better position than many other cities in Wyoming.

“The 2021 budget re-emphasizes spending within our means, especially in these uncertain times, and targeting available resources to identified priorities across all departments, while meeting the governing body’s stated mandates to maintain expected service levels, help community service organizations, follow and adhere to the enterprise model developed for managing our water, wastewater and stormwater services, and take care of our number one resource, our employees,” Clevenger said.

The current projected general fund beginning balance for FY 2021, starting July 1, 2020, is $13,406,352.

Operating revenues for FY 2021 are expected to be around $13.5 million, while operating expenditures is projected to be about $16.6 million. This leaves a shortfall of about $3 million.

However, with one-time funding revenues, the $4.1 million in budget request cuts, and over $9 million in operating reserves, the city is projected to be left with about $469,000 at the end of FY 2021.

General fund budget requests for the city’s department are as follows:

  • Green River Police Department: $4,371,571
  • Green River Fire Department: $1,025,310
  • Community Development: $925,383
  • Public Works Department: $2,566,143
  • Parks and Rec Department: $4,112,937
  • General Government: $3,414,550

Those requests total up to $16,415,894.

Councilman Gary Killpack praised the city staff for their careful work with the budget, attributing their responsibility over the past few years for helping the city’s economic standing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think you guys have been very responsible, especially in the past few years, so when [COVID-19] hit, we’re not having to take a huge hit like some other communities are in the state,” Killpack said.

The City of Green River will look to approve the budget during the second meeting in June, which will be June 16.