Green River Receives $6.25M in ARPA Funds for Wastewater Treatment Plant

Green River Receives $6.25M in ARPA Funds for Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Green River photo

GREEN RIVER — The State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB), made up of the top five elected officials in Wyoming, awarded the City of Green River $6.25 million dollars from a portion of the State’s Federal ARPA funds.

The City had requested $7.5 million dollars, the maximum allowed, to help fund the proposed wastewater treatment plant.  The SLIB board met today in Cheyenne to consider $50 million dollars of allocated money to be used toward water and sewer projects all across Wyoming. Over 100 projects were submitted. Green River was recommended for full funding, however, after discussion the amount for larger cities was cut due to several several smaller town projects being funded.

Green River was cut $1.255 million dollars, a Gillette project was cut $2.255 million dollars, a Casper project was cut by $2 million dollars.  Eight town projects, including a water line project in Big Piney, were funded by the dollars cut from larger cities. 

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Green River Public Works Director Mark Westenskow said that while not getting the full amount is disappointing, the fact the city will get $6.25 million dollars is a good thing. He said it will help get the new treatment plant moving forward.

The city originally estimated the cost of the project to be $28 million dollars. When bids were opened two years ago, however, the low bid was $36 million dollars. In addition to the rate increases to users and loans, the city has been aggressively pursuing grant funding such as this to reduce the burden on the ratepayers in the city.