Green River to Prohibit Electronic Cigarettes in Non-Smoking Areas

No Vaping Sign, 6/2015, Starplex Cinema, by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

GREEN RIVER– The Green River City Council Tuesday night approved on first reading to amend the City of Green River Code of Ordinances to address the growing usage and concerns with vaporizing pens and electronic cigarettes in areas that currently prohibit smoking and tobacco products.

The amendments are being done to prohibit vaping and electronic cigarettes from any place where smoking is already prohibited.

The amendments will be to Chapter 18, Sections 18-88 — Smoking Prohibited, and 18-92 — Definitions of the Code of Ordinances.

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Bobby Pineda, Green River City Prosecutor, said this matter was brought up at the request of Councilman Gary Killpack to address the consistency and the definitions of smoking in Green River public areas.

The ordinance previously had a clause that stated “smoking is defined to include cigarettes, cigars, and pipes”, and this is being removed. This will help broaden the definition of what devices are included in smoking.

In the definitions sections, the following definitions are being added:

Electronic Cigarette: a product that employs any mechanical heating element, battery or electronic circuit regardless of shape or size, that can be used to deliver doses of nicotine vapor by means of heating a liquid nicotine solution, plant, wax, solution or other substance contained in a cartridge or other delivery system, including but not limited to, electronic cigarettes, vaping pens, or vaping mods.

Smoking instrument: any cigar, cigarette, pipe, hookah, or water pipe, electronic cigarette, or any other smoking or vaping device.

Adding these definitions helps to keep consistency throughout the ordinances, Pineda said.

The amendments make it so vaping will be prohibited wherever smoking is currently prohibited, including city-owned youth athletic fields, at the entrances of businesses, restaurants, and more.

“It seems to be a logical step, if you can’t smoke there you shouldn’t vape there as well, this would just formalize that and make it consistent throughout the municipal code,” Pineda said.

The council will consider approval on second reading on Tuesday, November 5.