Jeff Ramaj Seeks Election in Senate District 12

Jeff Ramaj Seeks Election in Senate District 12

Jeff Ramaj, Republican Candidate for Senate District 12. Courtesy photo

ROCK SPRINGS – A Republican wanting to “Reboot Wyoming” seeks election in Senate District 12, challenging the incumbent Republican in the upcoming Primary Election. 

Rock Springs resident Jeff Ramaj wants to ensure Wyoming will continue to utilize its reliable natural resource reserves while fighting federal overreach aiming for the state’s natural resource industry. He also wants to protect private land ownership, as well as the ranching industry. 

“All Americans need reliable energy like gas, diesel, natural gas and electricity but our federal government overreach is slowly shutting these down,” Ramaj said. “They don’t have a reliable common sense plan in place that accomplishes security and prosperity.”

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Ramaj said fighting federal overreach into the natural resource industry will help increase jobs in Wyoming, which he believes will allow the state to enjoy increased revenues, which allows the state to collect less taxes from residents.

Ramaj also wants to ensure only U.S. citizens and Wyoming residents vote in elections and wants to ban foreign nationals from participating in Wyoming elections. He also supports less taxes, less spending, less regulation and less government.  

Ramaj operates his business Accurate Irrigation, and has previously worked in the farming, ranching, mining, construction and oil field industries. A friend quoted in his campaign announcement notes Ramaj has experienced ups and downs and is a man of faith, serving God on every level of his life. The friend also comments Ramaj knows how to live within a budget  and isn’t the type to spend money to get votes.

“I’m going to fight to keep D.C. overreach out of Wyoming, I’ve seen enough of that in my lifetime,” Ramaj said. “I won’t hide how I voted on any legislation nor will I fail to speak withmy constituents.”