Kari’s Access Awards Help Four Students with Expenses

Kari’s Access Awards Help Four Students with Expenses

ROCK SPRINGS – Recently, Kari’s Access Awards (KAA) presented local students Juels, Justice and Jeno Mantels with non-traditional scholarships that were used towards participation in pee wee wrestling.

Also, a non-traditional scholarship was awarded to Jaima Mantels to participate in tumbling and VIP Jazz Dance.

“The Mantels family is so wonderful with a joyous spirit they bring to any occasion. Thank you Kari’s Access Awards for letting their amazing personalities be seen in the community while joining activities they are excited to learn. What a wonderful opportunity for them and those who will be with them in their ventures.” – Koral J. Hueller, Counselor at Westridge Elementary. 

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Kari’s Access Awards is an endowment fund started in 2006 in memory of Kari (Kay) Fusselman who was a student at Westridge Elementary, White Mountain Junior High, and Rock Springs High School.

The fund gives School District #1 students access to non-traditional scholarships. These scholarships allow students to participate in outside programs enhancing learning and personal growth beyond their daily school activities.

Kari’s Access Awards opens new opportunities to students; bringing out the best in each student one child at a time.