Local Students Star In MCT’s Cinderella Presented by SBOCES

Local Students Star In MCT’s Cinderella Presented by SBOCES

SWEETWATER COUNTY — A pumpkin coach, Prince Charming, a glass slipper and a dream come true are woven together by the magic of a Fairy Godmother this Saturday June 13, 2015 when the Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT) and over 50 local students present an original musical adaptation of ‘Cinderella’.

Cinderella will be played by local student Cali Pollastro, and Jaiden Collins and Destiny Britton will play her two stepsisters. The Stepmother will be played by Aubree Mohar. Cleo the Cat will be played by Kylee Davis; and Jaxon Smith will appear as Fido the Dog.

Alex Carrier, Maggie Smith, Myles Harper, Dawson Fantin, Darrien Sherwood, Sydnee Franks, Hanna Lathrop, Kalysta Bates, Ellie Pacheco, Kaylee Bernatis, Rikki Mortensen, Aubrielle Maes, Teghan Stassinos and Lillian Woolsey will play the Lords and Ladies; Haylie Nandrup and Hudson Garner will play the roles of Town Criers; and Shane Meats will play the King. Featured throughout the production are Zoe Kautzman, Lauren Lee, Lillie DeVree, Savannah Cheney, Anna Miller, Alyssa Smith, Emma Fahrnkopf, Kandace McCall, Ariana Kuhn, Jadyn Fernandez and Becca Lee as the Beggars; led by Rags the Beggar played by Ethan Harper and Patches, played by MCT Tour Actor/Director Sam Ricci.

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The Fairy Godmother, Jayda Estep enlists the help of the Mice, Abby Smith, Danica Sherwood, Cedar Harper, Julie Bowen, Mia Wells, Taylor Smith, Liane Gil and Serenity Garcia; and the Pumpkins Joanne Ragsdale, Kylie Wells, Samantha Smith, Bailey Cutler, Sophia Patterson, Lydia Woolsey, Zoie Gibbs, Faith Bowen, Hannah Bae, Nevaeh Bryant, Courtney Bell, Cameron Brown, Stephanie Jensen, Kingston Ragsdale and Skyler Hossele to create the magic essential to this tale.

Ester Bae, Basia Koritnik, Gracie Fetcher and Kylie Mortensen have served as Assistant Directors throughout the week.

‘Cinderella’ will be presented at 5:30 p.m. at the Rock Springs High School Theatre. Admission is free and open to the public!

The Missoula Children’s Theatre residency in Rock Springs is presented locally by SBOCES.