Medicaid Providers Urged to Re-Enroll to Avoid Payment Delays

Medicaid Providers Urged to Re-Enroll to Avoid Payment Delays

WYOMING — Wyoming Medicaid officials with the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) are encouraging all of the program’s healthcare providers to avoid payment delays by meeting re-enrollment requirements by the end of the year if they haven’t already done so.

The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) required all Medicaid programs to improve provider screening and enrollment processes. After December 31, Wyoming Medicaid will have to deactivate any providers who have not re-enrolled.

As of late October, just over two-thirds (8,886 of its 13,008) active providers had completed Wyoming Medicaid’s re-enrollment process. About 1,200 currently active providers have started but not completed the re-enrollment process.

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“With nearly a third of our current providers at risk as the deadline approaches, we’re concerned with the overall response,” said Lindsey Schilling, provider operations administrator with the WDH Division of Healthcare Financing. “We want to make sure that anyone providing needed services for our Wyoming Medicaid clients can be paid for their work and paid without significant delays.

“There are some professional categories where less than half of current providers have gone through re-enrollment, including those providing developmental disability waiver services, ambulance services, chiropractors, specialty clinics and hospitals,” Schilling said. “For many of these providers, an interruption in payments can be a critical family income issue.”

“We are seeing a significant number of Wyoming based-medical, institutional and waiver professionals among those who haven’t yet re-enrolled.” – Operations Administrator Lindsey Schilling

Wyoming Medicaid began promoting mandatory re-enrollment in May 2014. Recent targeted outreach efforts include detailed letters to all providers who had not yet re-enrolled.

“Re-enrollment may take several weeks, so we don’t want people to wait until the last minute,” Schilling said. While provider enrollment applications will continue to be accepted and processed after December 31, payments will not be made until provider enrollments are complete.

Re-enrollment information is available online.