Motorcycle Rally to End Predator Animal Cruelty Stops in Green River

Motorcycle Rally to End Predator Animal Cruelty Stops in Green River

Jonas Black smiles after arriving in Green River Saturday afternoon. Black is traveling to Daniel for his Hogs for Hope ride, which aims to raise money to change Wyoming laws regarding animal cruelty for wolves and other predatory animals. SweetwaterNOW photo by David Martin

GREEN RIVER – A handful of supporters welcomed a two-bike rally travelling through Green River during a rainy Saturday afternoon. The duo was on the tail end of a ride raising funds and awareness related to an incident in Daniel where a wolf was cruelly killed a few months ago.

The rally, Hogs for Hope, was organized by Jonas Black and his brother Austin Zumar. Black is a dog trainer and a social media influencer from Austin, Texas. After pulling into the Flaming Gorge Harley Davidson parking lot, Black said the response was much greater than what he anticipated. As of Saturday evening, the Gofundme campaign associated with the ride raised more than $125,000, which will go to Wyoming Wildlife Advocates and Wolves of the Rockies to seek legislation protecting wolves and all predators from animal cruelty.

“I wanted 10 grand,” Black told supporters after excitedly announcing the $125,000 figure. “We were going to ride out with 10 grand.”

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While speaking to supporters, Black repeatedly told them he was only doing his job in raising funds and awareness of the issue. He was also quick in saying Wyoming itself isn’t being targeted or that he is against hunting.

“I’m not here to trash Wyoming,” Black said. “This is anti-torture.”

Johnny Shafe, the assistant general manager at Flaming Gorge Harley Davidson, agrees with Black’s view on fighting animal torture, saying no animal should be put through a situation like the wolf suffered through in Daniel.

“There are humane, ethical, merciful ways of doing it,” Shafe said. “That’s not what happened in Daniel.”

Amongst those attending were residents seeking an end to Green River’s use of a gas chamber to euthanize animals at the city’s animal control shelter. Madhu Anderson and other supporters held signs calling for the city to end its use of the gas chamber. She said area residents should feel empowered by what Black’s motorcycle ride has accomplished.

Madhu Anderson and Nina Chambers hold signs supporting Hogs for Hope and call for the end of Green River using a gas chamber to euthanize animals. SweetwaterNOW photo by David Martin

“He came all the way up from Texas. We live here, we should do something,” she said.