Mullen Fire Containment Increases to 21 Percent

Mullen Fire Containment Increases to 21 Percent

Mullen Fire photo by Josh Shroyer

ALBANY COUNTY — As of 11:30 pm Friday, the Mullen Fire was roughly 174,911 acres and was 21 percent contained, with approximately 1,254 firefighters and support staff on scene.

Containment has increased on the western edge and more containment is expected in the next 72 hours in the southeast area of the fire along WY Hwy 230 and CO Hwy 127. On the north side, crews are using roads and trails as indirect line to catch the spread of the fire.

Firefighters continue to look for opportunities to cut off fire activity north of Albany; slow progression is expected towards Centennial where structure protection continues. Firefighters are also focused on containing the finger above Woods Landing.

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Air resources will continue to provide support with water and retardant drops. Firefighters remain in the area 24 hours a day to perform patrols and structure protection.

Hwy 10 has reopened and the mandatory evacuation along Hwy 10 has been changed to pre-evacuation. This includes Woods Landing and Jelm south to Colorado. Residents of that area can access their property but need to remain ready to evacuate quickly if conditions change.

The power company is assessing this area to restore power. Hwy 230 remains closed westbound near Woods Landing. Boswell Creek Road is closed where it enters National Forest. All other closures and evacuations remain.

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