No One Files to Run for Green River City Council Ward 2

No One Files to Run for Green River City Council Ward 2

GREEN RIVER — The last day to file for the primary election was May 29, and the period closed with no one filing to seek election for Green River City Council Ward 2.

Incumbent Ward 2 Councilwoman Lisa Maes’ term expires at the end of this year and she did not file for re-election, however, no one else filed either.

According to Sweetwater County Clerk Cindy Lane, the primary election ballots will have a write-in option, and whoever receives the most write-in votes would potentially move to the general election. Lane said one must have at least three write-in votes to move on to the general election.

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If no one is written in, the Green River City Council would then follow its guidelines of appointing a person to the ballot.

Green River Mayor Pete Rust said he is expecting someone to appear on the ballot as a write-in, who will then move on the general election in Ward 2.

“I would be surprised if there is not more than one person that will recruit family or friends and perhaps others to vote for them as a write in candidate,” Mayor Rust said.

This map shows the three wards in Green River. Ward 2 is shown in the pale orange.

In Ward 1, incumbent Councilman Tom Murphy is running against Sherry Bushman. Robert Berg, incumbent Councilman for Ward 3, is running unopposed.

Incumbent Councilors Jim Zimmerman, Ward 1, Mike Shutran, Ward 2, and Gary Killpack, Ward 3, have terms extending through 2022.