Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle on Uinta Drive Sunday

Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle on Uinta Drive Sunday

GREEN RIVER — Green River Police Department officers responded to a report of a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision on Uinta Drive Sunday afternoon at around 2.

According to the police report, the vehicle was “traveling southbound on Uinta Dr/ WY 530 in the eastbound lane approaching the intersection of Uinta Dr/WY 530 & Roosevelt Dr.” The pedestrian, who was not utilizing a crosswalk, began crossing the street, attempting to walk east at the intersection.

The driver of the vehicle reported observing a dog in the roadway and then noticed the pedestrian. The driver swerved to avoid the pedestrian and the dog when the front passenger side of the vehicle struck the pedestrian.

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The driver immediately pulled the vehicle over and notified emergency services of the accident and waited on scene until officers and EMS arrived.

The pedestrian was transported by ambulance.

The case is still under investigation and is being assisted by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

SweetwaterNOW will provide updates as more information becomes available.