Residents Invited to Comment on Updated Greenbelt Master Plan

Residents Invited to Comment on Updated Greenbelt Master Plan

Green River Greenbelt Task Force photo

GREEN RIVER — Green River residents are being asked to check out the updated master plan for the Greenbelt and provide comments on their wants for the pathway. 

The master plan is available for review on the City of Green River website. Comments will be accepted now through February 17 and then will be presented for approval at the February 21 Green River City Council meeting. 

The plan was facilitated by a grant from the National Parks Service Rivers, Trails, Conservation assistance program.  Over 760 residents completed a survey commenting on the needs of Green River’s Greenbelt.  Greenbelt Committee Chair John Freeman says this was an outstanding response since most open response surveys generate less than 200 responses. 

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The Greenbelt Task Force and the City of Green River coordinated with forty volunteers that provided a rough draft that was given to the National Parks Service who produced the final document.

All comments can be sent to