Rock Springs Girl Continues to Fight Cancer

Rock Springs Girl Continues to Fight Cancer

Ivie Tate, who is going to turn 3-years-old in November, was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in September. Courtesy photos

Shortly after Ivie Tate’s first birthday, she was diagnosed with cancer.

After an abnormality was discovered on Ivie’s abdominal area, Ivie was diagnosed with bilateral Wilm’s cancer tumors on her kidneys,

Ivie’s mother, Mercedes, said the first time Ivie was diagnosed with cancer was in December of 2018.

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“She beat that and then she just got rediagnosed in September,” Mercedes said.

Antwon, Ivie’s father, said during Ivie’s first battle against cancer, they wound up having to take one whole kidney and two thirds of her second kidney.

“She’s pretty much working with a third of a kidney right now,” Antwon said.

Eventually, Ivie will need a kidney transplant, but that will not be completed until she’s reached adolescence.

The family just accepted that’s how things were going to be and Ivie’s screenings were coming back okay, until this fall.

The Second Diagnosis

After being cancer free for about 15 months, in September the Tate family once again had to hear that Ivie was diagnosed with cancer.

It’s the same kind of cancer, but this time it is on her right lung, Antwon said.

The cancerous spot on her lung was about 6.6 centimeters and after three weeks of chemotherapy treatments, it has shrunk to 4.3 centimeters.

“So it’s actually reacting very well to the chemotherapy,” Mercedes said.

The plan is to continue with the chemotherapy until the cancer either disappears, or the cancer shrinks small enough so the spot can be surgically removed.

While Ivie is responding well to the chemotherapy, Antwon can still recall how Ivie lost all of her hair after the first treatment. As he went to brush her hair, which appeared to be okay, it just started falling out.

“She was kind of heart broken,” Antwon said. “She will be three next month, so she doesn’t quite understand.”

Even though watching Ivie go through these treatments is hard because she is losing her hair and weight, the family tries to stay positive.

It’s kind of hard to cry or anything because she still walks around with a smile.

~Antwon Tate, Ivie’s father

“She’s the one that keeps us positive,” Mercedes said.

Traveling for Treatment

The family, who lives in Rock Springs, travels to Salt Lake City every week for Ivie’s chemotherapy treatments, which has put the family into some financial strain.

To help the family pay for travel expenses, a pancake fundraising event is taking place Saturday, October 10, from 7-10 am at Applebee’s. Antwon said his Applebee’s family has been great at helping his family out. They have gone above and beyond to help them as much as they can.

Antwon wanted to personally thank Curtis Mitchell, General Manager of the Rock Springs Applebee’s, for treating him like family. He said anytime he or his family had needed anything, the Mitchell family has been willing to help.

Those who would like to know more about Ivie and her story can visit her Facebook page