Rock Springs Satellite High School Under Scrutiny by Facilities Director

Rock Springs Satellite High School Under Scrutiny by Facilities Director

A rendering of the completed Rock Springs satellite high school.

ROCK SPRINGS — When you’re driving in the area near Stagecoach and Summit Drive in north Rock Springs, you’ve no doubt noticed the progress on the new Rock Springs satellite high school.

While construction is moving along mostly as planned, there have been some flies in the ointment, according to Sweetwater County School District No. 1 Facilities Director Dan Selleroli.

Selleroli told the Board of Trustees tonight that for the most part, the project is coming along as planned. However he’s question some of the contractors who are not building to the specifications outlined when bidding for the job.

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“With his project I’ve been a stickler for keeping documentation,” said Selleroli. “We have four areas that quite frankly I’m tired of telling them over and over and over that they’re not within compliance.”

He said certain contractors repeatedly tell him that they are within code. Selleroli said that’s perfectly fine, but “specifications are more stringent than code.”

For example, code allows for conduit in a building to make 359° in bends, but the district specifications for the satellite high school call for 250° in bends.

SCSD No. 1 Facilities Director Dan Selleroli told Trustees tonight that the District could end up spending much more down the line if specifications on the new satellite high school aren’t met today.

This could become an issue in the future as the district is planning to add on to the school in years to come.

“If you have more bends in there and you have to pull additional wire, it becomes very difficult to navigate that many bends,” Selleroli told the board. “This means later on down the road we’re going to have to spend more money on things that were specified in the first go around.”

Selleroli said many current school specifications don’t list minimum standards, and he has no confidence in a company’s warranty when that company does not plan to come back to the project.

Another area of concern involves dirt around the site that was supposed to be hauled off according to the specifications, but remains unmoved.

We don’t send a very good message about how we conduct our business if we let others slide.

SCSD No. 1 Director of Facilities Dan Selleroli

Selleroli said he has emailed superintendent Kelly McGovern and the Board stating that he won’t accept any work on the project that does not meet specifications. He said “it will be rejected.”

He said other companies which submitted bids based on the right specifications lost the job based on their integrity. Selleroli also said the district can’t be held hostage by deadlines, or it will pay for it in the future.

“We hoped with our specifications that we’d be getting a Cadillac,” Selleroli said. “I want that Cadillac because that’s what the folks in this community are paying for.”