RS First Responders Residence Requirement Ordinance Passes First Reading

RS First Responders Residence Requirement Ordinance Passes First Reading

ROCK SPRINGS — Two ordinances that will change the residential requirements for Rock Springs officers and firefighters from being a resident of the city to residing within 20 miles of the city passed first reading at tonight’s Rock Springs City Council meeting.

Prior to the ordinance being read, Mayor Max Mickelson said the city has been having problems filling first-responder positions and while there is a public safety issue around not having a first responder living in town, not having first responders at all is a bigger safety issue. He said changing this ordinances will give both the Rock Springs Police Department and Rock Springs Fire Department more flexibility in hiring.

“I think that this a great idea and l think that it’s long overdue,” Councilor Tim Robinson said. “Hiring police officers, and I am sure the same is true for firemen, has been more and more difficult every year.”

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He said when he was a police officer, it was hard hiring people then and looking outside of Rock Springs wasn’t something they did. Robinson said the ordinances were well thought out and hopes it would open up more applicants to police and fire departments.

Both ordinances, an Ordinance amending Article 8-4, entitled “Personnel Requirements,” and an Ordinance amending Section 1-604(c), entitled “Adopting the Personnel Policies and Procedures Relating to City of Rock Springs Employees,” will need to be read three times and approved on the third and final reading for the change to be implemented.

Other Business

The Council approved a contract with Ken Garff-Cheyenne Dealership for five police vehicles and four pickup trucks. The total cost of these vehicles is $428,228.

The Rock Springs Police Department will apply for the 2023 State Homeland Security Program to purchase a Crisis Negotiations Team vehicle.

Council approved a memorandum of understanding between the City of Rock Springs and Rock Springs Little League Baseball for batting-cage improvements and scoreboard upgrades at Kiwanis Ballfields. The projects are being funded through the generous donations of several local businesses.