RS Mayor Kaumo Gives State of the City Address

RS Mayor Kaumo Gives State of the City Address

City of Rock Springs Website photo of Mayor Tim Kaumo

ROCK SPRINGS — Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo described the State of the City as “good,” and “stable” and hopefully as revenues continue to improve, the City will continue to improve as well.

Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo read his State of the City address during a recent Rock Springs City Council meeting,

“The State of the City is good, we are blessed to have dedicated people working towards the common good of our citizens. We are stable at the current time and hopefully as revenues continue to improve, our State of the City will continue to improve,” Mayor Kaumo said.

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“Funding will continue to be an issue and we will take an aggressive approach to secure additional funding through the legislative process and search for available grants for worthwhile projects for our city,” Mayor Kaumo said.

“While it appears the state’s economy is holding steady, many jobs were lost in the coal and natural gas fields, we can be assured that the revenues to our state will continue to decline,” he said.

With this in mind, Mayor Kaumo would like the city to be as conservative as it can moving into 2022.

The most recent disbursement for sales and use tax activity for November 2021 was a little more than $1.4 million, which was 34 percent greater than what was received in January of 2021. This currently puts the city 8 percent ahead of last year. The city is 56 percent ahead of projected sales tax for the fiscal year and will continue to adjust as needed, Kaumo said.

“Our goal will be to continue working to improve the quality of life of our citizens and ensure our infrastructure is in good condition and well maintained in a fiscally responsible manner,” he added.


The city has made progress in securing funds to reconstruct Bitter Creek and to eventually remove residents and businesses out of the flood plain through the downtown area and along the creek channel. These improvement will eventually allow for more development opportunities, Kaumo said.

Another goal is creating a more appealing creek channel with walking and bike paths, which will eventually connect the east side of Rock Springs to the west side.

The city has completed Phase I of the First Security Bank building downtown which has been a goal for many years and a very high priority for Rock Springs Main Street Urban Renewal Agency. The city plans to submit a request to complete Phase II on this project in March, according to Kaumo.

Infrastructure Needs

There are many infrastructure issues that need to be addressed. The City Council, with the help of department heads, will choose critical infrastructure projects to be proposed to the taxpayers this next election through a Specific Purpose Tax proposition.

“The projects suggested by our department heads and City Councilors are valid and necessary projects that will improve the lives of our citizens,” Kaumo said. “Please do your research, attend public meetings and ask questions to educate yourselves prior to the upcoming election to clearly understand each of these projects, provide input as a taxpayer and decide the importance these projects have for the future of our city.” 

Kaumo thanked all city employees, emergency responders, healthcare workers, veterans, and the City Council for trying to make Rock Springs a better place to live.

To read Mayor Kaumo’s entire State of the City address, see the document below.