RS Receives 4 Bids for Bitter Creek Restoration Phase 1 Project

RS Receives 4 Bids for Bitter Creek Restoration Phase 1 Project

ROCK SPRINGS — During the Rock Springs City Council meetings, the Council announced it had received four bids for the first segment of the Bitter Creek Restoration project.

Prior to opening and reading the bids, Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo said he would only be reading the base bids due to the nature of the project. There are several different options the companies can bid on, Kaumo said.

“These bids will be turned over to staff for review and recommendations,” Kaumo said.

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This is just phase one of this multi-phased project. When all of the project’s phases have been completed, downtown residents and businesses will no longer be in flood plain. This will open up a lot of land around the creek for development and hopefully eliminate the flood insurance costs for those in that flood plain.

The Base Bids

  • De Bernardi Construction Co. of Rock Springs: $5,066,482.70
  • Lewis & Lewis Inc. of Rock Springs: $7,139,657.17
  • Reiman Corp of Cheyenne: $6,193,537.80
  • Coleman Construction Inc., of Rock Springs: $4,506,505

Other Business

The Council accepted a resolution to approve an Airport Coronavirus Relief Grant Agreement with the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration for around $1 million. This money would go to provide economic relief to the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport. Earlier today, the Sweetwater County Commissioners approved the same agreement.

The Council approved the annual drinking water quality report. “We are pleased to report that your drinking water is safe and meets federal and state requirements,” the report states.

Under resolutions, the Council approved an addendum to the 2020-2022 Collective Labor Agreement between Rock Springs and the Firefighters Local 1499, I.A.F.F.

As for ordinances, the Council will read an ordinance repealing article 4-5 of the city of Rock Springs entitled “Library.” This action is taking place because the Rock Springs Library is currently being treated as an outside agency and therefore this portion is no longer needed.

For appointments, the Council appointed Greer Ferrero to the county-wide board of health, Clinton Collins to the Rock Springs Historical Museum Board, Ryan Schmidt to the Rock Springs Transportation Committee and David Jarrell to the Urban Renewal Agency Commission