RSHS Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Inductees Announced

RSHS Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Inductees Announced

ROCK SPRINGS — Over the past year, a committee composed of Rock Springs High School (RSHS) staff, district personnel, and community members have worked to select the Rock Springs High School Hall of Fame Class of 2020 inductees list.

Many steps have been taken along the way, but none more important than opening to the public the chance to nominate Distinguished Alumni, Contributors, Coaches, Athletes, and Teams. With over 100 years of RSHS history to examine, and multiple nominations submitted, the committee had quite the task on their hands.

The committee selected ten members, and three teams for the Hall of Fame. This fall, these foundational alumni, contributors, coaches, and athletes will be inducted into the RSHS Hall of Fame on September 5, 2020. The Tiger Town Bash Pep Rally is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, 2020 and the Hall of Fame football game is scheduled for Friday, September 4, 2020, contingent on the current COVID-19 Coronavirus regulations.

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The committee is looking for information regarding the members of the 1929 Basketball team and the 1970-71 wrestling teams. If you have additional information, please email it to Shawna Willmore, or leave a message on the Rock Springs High School Hall of Fame Facebook page.

Rock Springs High School Hall of Fame Class of 2020:

Distinguished Alumni:

  • Dawnessa (Shaw) Snyder
  • Willie Pineda


  • Chuck Tate
  • John Seppie


  • Oscar Erickson
  • Stan Kouris


  • Ron Arguello
  • Jamie Carter
  • Blaine Tate
  • April (Gomez) Ortiz


  • 1928 Boys State Championship Basketball Team
    • Team Members: Olaf Knudsen, Rudy Moeller, Forrest Kessner, Stanley Wendt, Jack Travis, Alex Noble, Frank Lebar, George Angelovich, William Malo, Lennie Pentala, Glover Milam, Coach
  • 1983 4x 100 Girls State Championship and Nationally Ranked Relay
    • Team Members: Teri Bider, Sandy (Bozner) Burkard, Christy (Page) Harlow, Karla (Zueck) Carnahan
  • 1970-71 Boys State Championship Wrestling team
    • Team Members: John Lucchi, Ron Arguello, Randy Tabuchi, Joe Agostini, Ben Gomez, Harvey Dalton, Ron Martinez, Chuck West, Pete Cukale, Jerry Maes, Rick Kjelbertson, Jim Tomich, Greg Knezovich, Robbie Carmine, Jesse Madrid, Dan Madrid, Marv Tyler, John Partain, Dean Shauers, Blaine Slagowski, Tom McGuire, John Bath, Don Davis, Brent Dolenc, Raymond Montoya, Joe Oldfield, Coach, Mike Meador, Asst. Coach, and Basil “Mac” McCulley, Asst. Coach.