Ryan Greene

Ryan Greene

Rock Springs Mayor

Listen to our candidate interview below:

Tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Ryan Greene and I was born and raised in Rock Springs, WY. I graduated in 2000 from RSHS.

After college I went to welding school and got certified in pipe welding. I welded for Questar Pipeline (Dominion Energy) for 5 years and then got my Certified Welding Inspector Certificate.

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I have been performing inspections and quality control work for the past 10 years. Currently I perform inspection work along with drone inspections to the oil, gas and mining industries.

In 2016 I ran for Wyoming’s sole seat in the US House of Representatives and in 2017 I authored and published my first book called “Quality Controlled – Personal Fulfillment Through Professional Organization.” I also completed my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart Lindsey for the past 14 years and we have two amazing kids.

A 12 year old son Karsen and a nine year old daughter Kynlee. We enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, sports and spending time with friends and family.

I am very active in the community in many different ways. I coach little league football, softball, baseball and basketball, active in our church (Ordinary Faith), volunteer at Northpark School, speak at different events and I am a member of Wyoming Excel which aims to bring education and industry together.

What makes you the best choice for Rock Springs Mayor?

I believe I am the best choice for Mayor of Rock Springs in our current times. Given our economic situation I have the experience to implement waste reduction methods and budget discipline that allow us to grow even in a down market.

I have helped lead the diversification efforts in our family business that allowed us to grow over the past few years when the market was down.

By implementing targeted strategies and using innovative thinking we were able to branch out into (4) states and employ more than 250 employees even in the current bust cycle.

I have the ability to collaborate and coordinate efforts with local officials, state officials and business leaders to bring new opportunities into Rock Springs.

I believe we need new leadership, new thinking and a new vision for our great city. The job of Mayor is not to simply manage the city process but to lead the growth and expansion efforts.

I want to make sure that all citizens in Rock Springs are heard and not only see the growth of Rock Springs but can feel it as well. Ensure that we have opportunities for the next generation and provide the stability that will keep our kids in Rock Springs rather than them leaving to find good jobs.

My campaign is not about me, it is about the community. My slogan is Listen, Learn, Lead which means Listen to YOU, Learn from YOU and LEAD with you.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year as Mayor?

If I am honored enough to be the next Mayor of Rock Springs I would like to implement a “LEAN Rock Springs Initiative” within the first 12 months. This is a proven method of waste reduction where we analyze our processes NOT THE PEOPLE.

We don’t reduce staff in order to provide cost savings but rather remove all waste from our current processes and plug those savings back into the city. This type of system is used in manufacturing, healthcare, education, and now government.

Ohio pioneered this initiative with a state wide LEAN Ohio Initiative which can be found at www.lean.ohio.gov and since its creation has saved the state millions of dollars, increased jobs all while adding revenue to the state.

For every $1 we spend on this initiative we see a $4 return on investment. This is how we continue to provide services and grow even in a down market, by delivering efficient cost effective services.

In my first year I would also hire a full-time grant writer (either full time or contracted position) that would aggressively go after available grants to our city. Those are our tax dollars and we should go after them and plug them back into our city.

It’s also creates jobs in engineering, surveying, construction, retail and service.

There is no vision that is credible if we cannot pay for it!

How can voters get in touch with you?

Facebook:  Greene4Mayor
Phone: 307-389-1745
Email: ryan@ryanbgreene.com