Start the Year with Invoice Pricing on All 2018 Chevy Models at Whisler Chevrolet

Start the Year with Invoice Pricing on All 2018 Chevy Models at  Whisler Chevrolet


Whisler Chevrolet is offering invoice pricing on ANY 2018 Chevy model through the month of January.

Have a look at some of their many dependable options. ⬇️


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2018 Camaro

A legend at Any Speed.

Many words could be used to describe this legendary performance family, but the only one that captures all of the refinement and engineering know-how that goes into every car — from the responsive LS to the supercharged ZL1 — is Camaro.



2018 Impala

When Your Commute Becomes a Perk

Spacious refinement on the inside, sophisticated safety and performance throughout. Impala is a full-size car tailored to help you drive to the top.

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Test Drive Your Future Ride Today!



2018 Equinox

Everything You Need, to do Everything You Want

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have it all? The 2018 Equinox was designed with your needs and wants in mind. From style and technology to performance and safety, this versatile crossover offers the complete package.



2018 Colorado

A Segment of One

A lot of trucks boast off-road capability, and Colorado ZR2 rises above the rest. But the journey to the trails is covered in pavement, and ZR2 provides a smooth, comfortable ride there as well.



2018 Cruze

Your Number One Connection

Life moves fast. Luckily, the new 2018 Cruze can help you keep everything in check. Available in Sedan and Hatchback, this ride offers the technology you crave, plenty of cargo room, and efficiency you could practically brag about. The best part? It’s all wrapped up in a fun-to-drive, sporty package.

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