Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Rebrands with New Logo, Video

Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Rebrands with New Logo, Video

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board recently
finalized 10 promotional video clips covering the history, culture, cities, activities,
food, drink, arts and the Proud Wyoming Woman Retreat of Sweetwater County.

Additionally, the board has recently implemented a new promotional brand identity to highlight Sweetwater County as the perfect stopping point at the junction of I-80 and HWY-191, where visitors can not only refuel on their way to the National Parks of Wyoming, but rediscover and explore the high desert landscape of Southwest Wyoming.

The new promotional videos can be viewed on the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism YouTube channel: YouTube.com/user/sweetwatertourism.

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“Digital marketing has expanded so quickly in the last decade, that we are consistently working to deliver inspirational content through all mediums to meet the needs of a potential visitor, who is considering a trip to Wyoming,” said Jenissa Meredith, Executive Director of Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism.

“We feel that these videos capture the adventurous spirit and unique qualities of Sweetwater County that really deliver on inspiring people to stay and explore here.”

The new promotional brand identity will be featured throughout all marketing efforts of Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism including all print and digital advertising, the website (TourWyoming.com), Facebook (@swctourism), and Instagram (@sweetwatertourism), as well as on event banners.

“With our ever expanding marketing campaign, that drives thousands of visitors
to the area each year from around the country and world, we wanted to update
our marketing identity to make it even easier for a potential visitor to recognize
and consider including Sweetwater County as part of their overall road trip
around the great state of Wyoming,” Meredith said.

The new brand identity incorporates the iconic rock formations unique to Sweetwater County, a call to action in the word “Explore” and the county’s two main cities that are most identifiable to a potential visitor, Rock Springs and Green River.

Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism staff worked to create a brand identity that was crisp, iconic, smart, expressive, and connected. “This new brand identity is intended to feel current, stand out in the marketing landscape, and draw attention to what makes this corner of the state so special,” added Meredith.