Therapy Canine Donation Program Approved by GR City Council

Therapy Canine Donation Program Approved by GR City Council

Photo courtesy of GRPD

GREEN RIVER — Donations to the Green River Police Department (GRPD) Therapy Canine Program will now be streamlined following the Green River City Council’s approval of establishing a donation program.

The community has been very supportive of therapy canine Buddy and the recently created Therapy Canine Program. The program assists victims of crime during interviews and courtroom testimony.

Following a recent $800 donation from the Woman’s Club of Rock Springs, GRPD wanted to establish a restricted donation program that would streamline acceptance of donations by eliminating the need for Council action to accept each individual donation. The donation program will also provide a single account which will allow GRPD to easily track the donations going in and out of the account.

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Without the donation program, the Council would have to continue accepting every donation individually. Since the community has been so supportive of Buddy, GRPD said the donation program would be in the best interest of everyone involved.

“The Therapy Canine Program is doing really well, it’s been really well received by the community. And as such, we’ve begun to receive donations from organizations and private citizens who want to help us purchase whatever we need to make sure it keeps going,” GRPD Captain Shaun Sturlaugson said.

Donations from the community can be utilized for canine training, equipment, veterinary care, public relation materials, and other similar expenses related to the Therapy Canine.